Amazon MiniTV is Amazon’s Ad-Based Free Video Streaming Service In India

E-commerce giant has finally launched the Amazon MiniTV in India that comes in as an ad-based free video streaming service integrated in the Amazon App in India.

Amazon MiniTV is similar to the IMDb TV, ad-supported video streaming service launched in 2019 in the United States.

Amazon plans to target more sales for the shopping app with the new integrated free video streaming service in India.

Initially it features web-series, comedy shows, and content from other services like tech, food, beauty, and fashion. Currently, the main titles offered by the service are produced by TVF and Pocket Aces that are known as two of the largest web studios in India.

Recently launched TVF Aspirants created in collaboration with online learning platform Unacademy is available on the service as well and most of the old content published by TVF and Pocket Aces on other platforms and YouTube channels.

Amazon’s new service is similar to Walmart’s Flipkart that added the video streaming service to its main-app in 2019 to drive its sales.

Amazon Prime Video has 60 million active users in India, ahead of Netflix with 40 million active users as of April 2021, according to mobile insight firm App Annie.

Currently, Amazon MiniTV is available exclusively in India and available on Android while the service will be available on iOS and Amazon website soon.

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