Savage! Signal and Telegram Clash with WhatsApp About the Latter’s Latest Privacy Policies

About its privacy policies, WhatsApp has stated that users may not automatically delete their accounts or experience limited functionality on the application on May 15 but will ultimately experience limited functionality if they do not accept the updated standards on time.

Facebook and Telegram-owned WhatsApp are engaged in a tug-of-war about WhatsApp’s controversial privacy policies. They are engaging in a verbal duel on Twitter, exchanging memes.

The war of words began when Telegram, an encrypted messenger service, poked fun at WhatsApp by posting a meme suggesting it was time to “bin” Facebook and WhatsApp.

In response, WhatsApp tweeted, “…and what people don’t know is we are not end-to-end encrypted by default.”

Telegram did not end there, as he posted another screenshot on the microblogging platform Twitter, writing, “@WhatsApp Our customers understand how things work and have the open-source applications necessary to PROVE it. You… talk to the screenshot.”

In January, Telegram posted a photo of two spidermen raising fingers at one another, their faces replaced by WhatsApp and Facebook symbols, standing in front of an NYPD car.

Meanwhile, Signal entered the fray and chastised WhatsApp for its shoddy end-to-end encryption, and began self-promotion. “*refer to the calendar. pours coffee.* This is an excellent day to make the privacy switch.”

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